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Rustic Wall Sconces

Rustic wall sconce lighting can take your decor from Old World Bavaria to modern metal art. It's simply a matter of taste. Rustic lighting with wilderness themes like deer, moose, bear and elk or nature elements like pine cones, trees and mountains gives your decor a special touch of the outdoors.

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Pinecone Elegance Swivel Wall Lamp
Twig Wall Lamp w/ Pinecone Shade
Snowshoe Wall Lamp
Fly Rod Wall Lamp
Bear Forest Metal Wall Lamp
Birch Tree Swing Arm Wall Lamp
Mountain View Wall Lamp
Honey Bear Swing Arm Wall Lamp
Great Evergreen Wall Lamp
Paddle Wall Lamp
Ski Wall Lamp
Ponderosa Wall Lamp
Twig Hill Wall Lamp
Pine Meadow Wall Lamp - OUT OF STOCK
Roy Nicholson Cedar Log Wall Lamp
Roy Nicholson Wall Sconce
Painted Glass Pine Cone Vanity Light - 3 Light
Paddle 2-Light Wall Sconce
Three dimensional Pinecone Wall Lamp
Bavarian Style Elk Wall Sconce
Alabaster Glass with Tree Wall Lamp
Aspen/Poplar Alabaster Glass Wall Lamp
Pinecone Double Wall Sconce
Rustic Pinecone Double Wall Sconce
Moose Double Wall Sconce - Rust
Bear Double Wall Sconce - Rust
Rust Finish Moose Wall Sconce
Elk Wall Sconce with Press Foliage Shade
Moose 2arm Wall Scnce A/C-Fabric Rawhide Shade*2
Moose 2arm Wall Scnce A/C-Fabric Rawhide Shade*2
Pasadena Elk Hanging Wall Sconce - Rust
Pasadena Bear Hanging Wall Sconce - Rust
Pasadena Twigs Hanging Wall Sconce
Pike Wall Sconce
Tall Pines Rctnglr Wall Scnc Ac/Sm
Catch-of-the-Day Wall Sconce
Pine Cone Wall Sconce Rt/Am
Pine Cone Wall Sconce
Pine Cone Wall Sconce with Silver Mica
Timber Ridge Rivet Sconce - Black
Timber Ridge - Sticks Sconce - Rust
Timber Ridge Bear Sconce- Rust
Timber Ridge Elk Sconce- Rust
Timber Ridge Moose Sconce- Rust
Timber Ridge Pinecone Sconce - Rust
Twig Metal Art Sconce with Mica Shade
Acorn Wall Sconce
Acorn Wall Sconce
Amber Mica Bear Sconce- Rust
Oak Leaves and Acorn Wall Lamp
Grizzly Lantern Wall Sconce
Pinecone Lantern Wall Sconce
Moose Lantern Wall Sconce
Moose Hanging Wall Sconce
Pine Tree Hanging Sconce
Bear Hanging Wall Sconce
Pinecone Wall Sconce - 14 in.
Deer Lantern Hanging Mount Sconce
Castle Hanging Wall Sconce
One Light Pine Branch Wall Sconce
14 Inch W Stillwater Right Moose Wall Sconce
13 Inch W Moose Wall Sconce Right/Sm
8 Inch Moose In The Woods Lantern Wall Sconce
17 in. Pine Branch 2 Lt Wall Sconce
Metal Art Pinecone & Needles Sconce
Metal Art Bear Sconce
Cattail Wall Sconce
Old Hickory Rocky Mountain Single Sconce
Rustic Range One Light Wall Sconce
Black Bear at Sunset Lantern Wall Sconce
Black Bear at Sunset Wall Sconce
Black Bear at Sunset Curved Wall Sconce
Cobble Lodge Pine Branch Two Light Wall Sconce
Tall Pines Wall Sconce
Natural Elk Antler Wall Sconce - Left
Natrual Elk Antler Wall Sconce - Right
Tamarack Wall Sconce
Deer at Dusk Lantern Wall Sconce
Elk at Sunset Lantern Wall Sconce
Copper Bear Sconce
Cedar Tree Decatur Wall Sconce
Pinecone Amber Glass Wall Sconce
Living Tree Wall Sconce
3-D Pinecone Wall Lamp Candle
Aspen Wall Lamp Candle
Moose Wall Lamp Candle
Curved Glass Wall Lamp w/Tree
Rust Metal Art Moose Sconce
Tall Pine Lantern Wall Sconce
Moose Hanging Lantern Wall Sconce
Deer Hanging Lantern Wall Sconce
Elk Hanging Lantern Wall Sconce
Black Bear Hanging Lantern Wall Sconce
Grizzly Hanging Lantern Wall Sconce
Bass Hanging Lantern Wall Sconce
Canoe Hanging Lantern Wall Sconce
Hunter & Dog Lantern Wall Sconce
Rocky Mountain Sconce - Bear
Rocky Mountain Sconce - Elk
Rocky Mountain Sconce - Moose
Three Panel Pine Tree Wall Sconce
Pasadena Bear Hanging Sconce
Bear Timber Sconce
Elk Timber Sconce
Fish Timber Sconce
Moose Timber Sconce
Ponderosa Pine Timber Sconce
Timber Sconce with Rivets
Ponderosa Pine Glacier Sconce
Glacier Sconce with Rivets
Bear Cascade Sconce
Cascade Sconce with Sticks
Moose Cascade Sconce
Ponderosa Pine Cascade Sconce
Pasadena Pinecone Hanging Sconce
Ponderosa Wall Bracket - 1 Light
Ponderosa 2 Light Wall Bracket - Left
Ponderosa 2 Light Wall Bracket - Right
Ponderosa Wall Bracket with Glass Shade - 1 Light
Ponderosa 2 Light Wall Bracket with Glass Shades - Left
Ponderosa 2 Light Wall Bracket with Glass Shades - Right
Ponderosa ADA Wall Sconce
Ponderosa Wall Sconce with Piastra Glass Shade
Timber Ridge Sconce
Adirondack Wall Sconce
Tapered Sconce with Sticks
Ponderosa Pine Tapered Sconce
Saranac Sconce
Timber Ridge Tapered Sconce
Lone Tree Sconce
Bundle of Sticks Indoor/Outdoor Sconce
Campromise Indoor/Outdoor Sconce
Ponderosa Pine Indoor/Outdoor Sconce
Ponderosa Pine Willapa Indoor/Outdoor Sconce
Moose Rainier Sconce
Bear Vegas Sconce
Vegas Sconce with Sticks
Wapiti Vegas Sconce
Moose Vegas Sconce
Pinecone Vegas Sconce
Ponderosa Pine Vegas Sconce
Deer Vegas Sconce
Bark at the Moon Vegas Sconce
Bundle of Sticks Tri Roof Indoor/Outdoor Sconce
Mission Pinecone Tri Roof Indoor/Outdoor Sconce
Ponderosa Pine Tri Roof Indoor/Outdoor Sconce
Ponderosa Pine Small Hanging Sconce
Mission Small Hanging Sconce with Pinecone Metal Art
Ponderosa Pine Large Indoor/Outdoor Sconce
Skier Small Indoor/Outdoor Sconce
Ponderosa Pine Pasadena Hanging Sconce
Bundle of Sticks Large Peaked Indoor/Outdoor Sconce
Twin Tree Small Peaked Sconce
Bundle of Sticks Single Sconce
Ponderosa Pine Double Sconce
Ponderosa Pine Single Sconce
Fly Fisherman Timber Ridge Sconce
Ponderosa Pine Timber Ridge Sconce
Barking at the Moon Timber Ridge Sconce
Lone Ponderosa Pine Sconce
Bear Single Swing Arm Wall Lamp
Moose Single Swing Arm Wall Lamp
Pinecone Double Swing Arm Wall Lamp
Pinecone Single Swing Arm Wall Lamp
Black Forest Stag Wall Sconce
Bear Hunting Wall Sconce
Aspen Bear Wall Sconce
Black Forest Bear Wall Sconce
Aspen Stag Wall Sconce
Left Facing Stag Wall Sconce
Right Facing Stag Wall Sconce
Black Forest Moose Wall Sconce
Monterey Wall Sconce
Jasper Ponderosa Sconce
Montana Wall Sconce
Montana Swing Arm Wall Lamp
Canyon Wall Sconce
Canyon Swing Arm Wall Lamp
Big Sky Wall Sconce
Big Sky Swing Arm Wall Lamp
Timberland Wall Sconce
Timberland Swing Arm Wall Lamp
Monterey Wall Sconce with Glass Shade
Monterey Wall Lamp - 2 Light
Monterey Wall Lamp - 3 Light
Monterey Single Wall Lamp
Aspen Ponderosa Wall Sconce
Aspen Treescape 2 Light Wall Bracket
Aspen Treescape 3 Light Wall Sconce
Vine Wall Sconce
Vine Single Wall Lamp
Capri Wall Sconce
Woodland Outdoor Wall Lamp - 7 Inch
Woodland Outdoor Wall Lamp - 11 Inch
Revere Outdoor Wall Lamp - 7 Inch
Revere Outdoor Smart Light
Revere Outdoor Wall Lamp - 10 Inch
Revere Outdoor Wall Sconce
Black Forest Deer Wall Sconce
Large Black Lantern Wall Sconce
Large Rustic Lantern Wall Sconce
Small Black Lantern Wall Sconce
Small Rustic Lantern Wall Sconce
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