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Mission Style Pendant Lights

Mission Style pendant light fixtures offers simplicity in design and masterful workmanship. Choose from Pasadena, Seneca, Fulton, Stillwater, Craftsman and Arts & Crafts styles with pine cone, fly fishing and oak tree designs. Let Mission Style pendant lights make your rooms glow with design elegance.

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Mission Lantern
Hanging Diamond
Arts & Crafts Hanging Fixture/1 Box 1 Leaf 23 in.
Pine Cone Two-Light Mission Pendant
Arts & Crafts Pine Cone Hanging Lantern - 2 Light
Arts & Crafts - T - Hanging Lantern - 2 Light
Arts & Crafts Two Light Pendant w/ Blown Globes
Rod One-Light Pendant w/ Garland Cased Glass
Rod Two-Light Pendant w/ Ruffle Cased Glass
Rod Three-Light Pendant w/ Embossed Glass
Rod Five-Light Pendant w/ Blown Globes
Pinecone Pendant A/C- 2 Light
Pinecone Pendant - Seneca
Pinecone Pendant - 2 Light Stillwater
Mission Pendant Lantern
30 in. Sq. Inverted Mica Pendant
20 in. Teague Mission Pendant
7.5 in. Caged Cylinder Pendant
Sandia Pendant
Obsidian Pendant
Comanche Mission Pendant
Comanche Misssion Inverted Pendant
Comanche Mission Mini Pendant
Sonoma Inverted Pendant - 27 Inch
Sonoma Inverted Pendant - 40 Inch
Pasadena San Carlos Triple Anacosti Light
Trulli Double Anacosti Light
La Paz Swag Light
Prairie Swag Light
Mini Pendant with Rivets
Duomo Pendant
Gig Harbor Pendant
Ferron Forge Pendant
Palm Springs Mesh Pendant
Mission Swag Light with Pinecone Metal Art
La Paz Pendant
Historic California Pendant
Old Faithful Small Pendant
San Carlos Pasadena Pendant
Vallejo Pasadena Pendant
Portland Pendant
Rogue River Mesh Prairie Pendant
Timber Ridge Plain Pendant
Tuscany Mesh Pendant
Top Ridge Large Pendant
Top Ridge Small Pendant
Trulli Pendant
Rogue River Mesh Swag Light
Rogue River Mica and Mesh Swag Light
Duomo Double Anacosti Light
Historic California Double Anacosti Light
San Carlos Double Anacosti Light
San Carlos Triple Anacosti Light
Mission Ridge Inverted Pendant Light
Mission Ridge Mini Pendant Light
Modern Rustic Pendant Chandelier
Napa Green Wine Bottle Pendant
Merlot Mesh Wine Bottle Pendant
Napa Green Mesh Wine Bottle Pendant
Oak Park Pendant Light
Oak Park Mini Pendant
Meritage Island Light
Arcada Pendant Light
Giaveno Pendant Light
Levone Pendant Light
Frisco Mini Pendant Light
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